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Cow dung turns into lucrative commodity in Indian online business

A quick story that I heard last night.

A friend of mine recently moved to London. He’s a teacher, though looking for something different in his life. He’s not sure what that something different is, and we’re not sure if somethings differentdon’t keep presenting themselves in glorious flashing neon, but I digress. He is essentially fed up with education. This friend is a biology teacher but is working for a cover agency whilst he tries to decide what decision to make next. Make of that what you will, but here’s the story.

A couple of weeks ago he was covering an English lesson when the new head, a ‘super head’, as he put it, came marching in. The head looked at the books, asked the students for their levels and targets, asked the teacher for the same, and then promptly hauled him outside when he responded blankly.

Before he…

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